Birthday Parties

To schedule a birthday party contact us at (443)610-9130 or email

We will walk you through options available as well as cost.

Glass On Glass
Paint Party
Painting Eggs

Staring at just $15 per child. Glass in glass options are beautiful and stunning. Tumbled glass is available for children if parent requests. Children will pre-cut glass pieces to design their very own work of art! Let the creativity begin! Pattern are available for children to follow.

Starting at just $8 per child these are fun for any age. Multiple options available - and we setup and clean-up! 


Mosaic Shapes

Starting at just $10 per child we offer traditional mosaic options. The may decorate a picture frame, planter. More expensive options include bird houses, bird baths and lanterns.

Home Parties

To schedule a home party contact us at (443)610-9130 or email

Any project you see at a venue is available as a home party. Gather friends and family and enjoy an evening at home making memories. 

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